Gallery Photos

Below are some of the photos of game and fish taken on Jackals Hide and some picturesque vistas from the property. We'd love to see your photo in here too so please email them to us if you would like them to appear on the site.

Hunting Gallery

Paul couldn't get a shot at the trophy billy so settled for a meat eater instead. Paul Graveson stalking in on a trophy class billy Mark with an awesome 202DP fallow buck taken in September 2013 Justin with another nice buck taken during the 2013 rut. This wild dog taken out by Brent, ended its three-month sheep killing spree. Wild Goats found roaming throughout the property Austin with a nice billy Clinton begins the stalk Clinton with a good wild pig taken with a traditional bow Dylan with a good size wild dog Quality Fallow deer can be found on Jackals Hide Good numbers of Fallow deer roam these hills Party time boys - Justin, Brad and Craig You can find some good game if you're willing to put in the hard yards Plenty of quality goats can be found on Jackals Hide with plenty of colour options in hides. Dylan, Luke and his kids with another wild dog taken. Luke is the wild dog master on Jackals Hide Mark pictured with a nice light coloured Fallow Plenty of cover to make a stalk on a few pigs Sarah and Rod with an 80kgs sow Good goat numbers roam the property Brad's Moose - Rut 2016

Fishing Gallery

Merv McFarland landed this beaut cod at Austins Mar '14 a 99cm 40lb brute. Dylan with a nice cod The lure used to catch Dylans cod Dylan is the cod master out this way Good size Yellow Belly can be caught out this way Another quality Yellow Belly specimen caught in Tenterfield Creek A quality Murray Cod caught in Tenterfield Creek Plenty of good Murray Cod have been caught in the creek Lure fishing for cod is a blast in Tenterfield Creek With the available kayaks and canoes you can access most parts of the creek where some good fishing can be had Awesome Murray Cod, this is why catch and release is so important at Jackals Hide. Another example of catch and release resulting in some big fish for everyone Reaching some more remote areas of the creek via kayak Yellow Belly also inhabit the creek These things are great to catch

Property Photos

The Austin campsite The Bottle Bend campsite Campsite Mars, this site can be accessed by 2wd and sedans. Some of the locals wandering around the property The creek down at Jollies floodgate Mussel Waters is a good fishing hole Property Map - book in at the Stock Yards Sleepy Goanna fishing hole A beautiful sunset The bush road leading to bottle bend campsite The campsite at Bottle Bend complete with fire place More views of the camp site Another view of the Bottle Bend campsite You can camp pretty much anywhere on Jackals Hide and it's fun for all the family A chilly morning at Jackals Hide The same view but the valleys are clear The road to Jackals Hide If you're going for a paddle, why not take your bow Some more kayaking fun Tenterfield Creek runs through the middle of Jackals Hide The river crossing at Camp Oven after the rains The river crossing near Jollies floodgate The rock cavern where the pigs love to hole up during the day The Slippery Dip - Ancient lava flows have made an awesome slippery dip Plenty of watering holes can be found on Tenterfield Creek 4wd tracks on the property can range from easy to challenging and everything in between